aka Dan

  • I live in England (land of the crooked teeth)
  • My occupation is Assassin for hire
  • I am To wise to believe such rubbish!
  • DanSP

    Hello people!

    My intention is to get this wiki back on its feet after 5 long years of no contributions or edits.

    I plan to gain more and more contributors to this wiki and make it another big success.

    There will be a ranking programme:

    Rank 1: Investigator

    Rank 2: Ghost Hunter

    Rank 3: Spiritualist Medium

    Rank 4: Spiritualist Guide (Most Haunted wiki Staff Member)

    Investigators will be newcomers and normal contributors.

    Ghost Hunters will be more experienced, trustworthy contributors.

    Spiritualist Mediums will be very trustworthy contributors that visit on a regular basis. In order for them to become Spiritualist Guides, Most Haunted wiki Staff Members, each one will be under the guidance of a Spiritualist Guide who will watch over their Spiritualist Mediā€¦

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